The Background and Landscape

The world of CRE brokerage is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Traditionally, the function of brokers serve as a bank of information that they and only they possess. Now, anyone with internet can navigate property information, search listings and do their own site selection based on real data.

Building owners and tenants are now looking to brokers as trusted advisors who need to be in the know about how technology is creating new opportunities in financing, buying, selling, leasing, investing, etc.

The Problem

  • In the last few years, there has been a massive influx of new technology focused on the commercial real estate broker, and to be quite frank, for those in the industry, it has been completely overwhelming…We have met and spoke in length with these brokers across the country doing the disruptCRE series.
  • Time: Brokers are busy making transactions and serving their clients. Making sense of the tech landscape is a heavy duty job that a broker schedule can not always accommodate.

The Solution…TechStackCRE

TechStackCRE is a convenient and enjoyable morning event for today’s brokers to learn about the tech tools that are built for them.

Commercial real estate brokers…”What’s in your TechStack?” This is the new question, tenants and building owners are asking their brokers these days. Morning programming opens with a unique presentation from conference founder Mariel Ebrahimi where she will break down what new tech tools should be in the modern day broker “tech stack”, a phrase used to describe all the tech tools used by a broker in their day to day. Attendees will then hear a keynote speech discussing the state of brokerage and where it’s heading. Three educational panels will follow to comprise the rest of the morning and attendees will leave with exclusive offers from participating tech companies to try out new tools on their own time.

Created for brokers who want:

  1. An easy and convenient way to understand the CRE technology landscape.
  2. Context – how can tech help me and or my client’s bottom line?
  3. A starting point – products and services they can start using today
  4. Exclusive promotions and free trials will be made available for participating brokers to try out tech tools on their own time.

Expected technologies to be discussed include: CRM, asset management, augmented and virtual reality, big data and data visualization, the real estate centric-secondary market, new marketing tools and more…

Why TechStackCRE?

A morning event series built to advance technology education & adoption within the CRE broker ecosystem.

There are so many new technology tools aimed at the real estate broker right now, it’s difficult for brokers to make sense of it all. This series is built to help educate brokers on what is out there, how it can apply to their day-to-day business, and where to get started.